Why Your Diet Could Use More Cranberries

If you are looking to make a little magic in the kitchen, then the cranberry can be the perfect choice. Not only does it have a delightfully tart taste, but it offers the body tremendous heath benefits. From ice cream desserts, to your juicing recipes, this little fruit is extremely versatile and packed with the nutrients that your body needs.

For anyone who has just started to get into juicing and is looking for ingredients to help maximize the benefits of their new activity, cranberries are a wonderful option. For years they have been used to flush and cleanse the liver, but they can do so much more. Adding cranberries to your juicing recipes can add both flavor a wide variety of health benefits. Along with a little tartness, this fruit comes packed with essential nutrients that everyone should take advantage of with their juicer.

Cranberry Basics

Cranberries are fruits of low vine plants that are of the berry type. It is deep red in color when ripe. It has a sour and bitter taste that may be too strong if eaten raw and by itself. These are usually processed into juices, sauces, or jellies in order to lessen its natural tart taste.

Health Benefits

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidin. It is a flavanoid that helps prevent the development of urinary tract infections. The bacteria E. coli uses its p-type fimbriae to latch on the lining or wall of the urinary tract. Proanthocyanidin prevents UTI by binding to the frimbrae of the said bacteria. This hinders them from attaching to any area of the urinary tract because their organ for attachment is already occupied. If the bacteria cannot attach themselves, it will be flushed out by the urine and therefore, no infection occurs.

This fruit is also high in vitamin C. This vitamin plays many roles in maintaining the health of individuals. It functions as an antioxidant which may help prevent cancer. It is also needed in the production of collagen which is important in repairing damage and slowing of the aging process. In addition, this boosts the immune system. A strengthened immune system helps prevent the onset of diseases.

Cranberries have high fiber content. Fiber is needed by the body to flush out toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. This is also needed to lower the levels of low density lipoproteins, also known as bad cholesterol, in the body. Furthermore, fiber can promote good bowel movement which lowers the risk of colo-rectal cancers.

Manganese can be found in this fruit. Manganese is a trace essential mineral needed by the body. It functions as a cofactor of various enzymes in the body. Without this vitamin, the enzymes cannot assume their role as catalyst. As a result, proteins or other chemicals that are needed by the body will not be produced thus leads to diseases.

Cranberries have a decent amount of vitamin K in them. This vitamin is necessary for blood to clot.

It also contains vitamin E.. This vitamin also acts as an antioxidant. It helps protect the cell membranes from free radicals that can cause damage to cells. This also protects the body from cancer. Aside from these functions, it is also necessary for the development of healthy muscles, skin, and hair. This vitamin is also associated with beauty because consuming ample amounts of this will result to prevent early signs of aging and maintain the youthful look.

For years cranberry juice has been used a liver cleanser, and was believed to be best for removing toxins from the liver and other digestive organs, but it also can have a positive impact in other areas of the body.

Consuming cranberries on a regular basis can help you achieve and maintain good health. Adding them to your juicer is a wonderful way to take fully advantage of their health benefits. Below is a video containing just one of many recipes that you can try with cranberries.